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our milagro family

Hello, friend.

The faces you see above are us. And our people. We are grateful to do what we love - provide comfort, quiet space, and healing touch - in a place we love. We are thrilled you've chosen Milagro and entrusted us to care for your sweet selves.


This intimate business we're in looks very different these days. Booking a spa service requires more trust, on your part and on ours, than ever before. We're happy to do it, because we believe in the immeasurable benefits of what we do. And we believe the world could use a little more good will and trust, anyway.


We have spent a lot of time and effort making sure we, the spa, and our procedures are thoughtfully ready to care for you as safely as we possibly can. We hope you will return the favor and do your part to do the same. Welcome to the Milagro family.

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