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milagro. doing spa differently.

My name is Ashley and I’m a spa junkie.

I’ve been hooked since my first spa visit to an extravagant Scottsdale resort somewhere around 1996. Seventeen years later, after countless spa treatments, years of skin care education, and ten years in and around the spa business, I’ve found my place in the spa world. Or better, I’m making myself a new place in the spa world.

It hasn’t been a simple process. When you get a cancer diagnosis at the age of 31 and come through on the other side, you begin to crave more meaning from your life. And the spa industry, with its unhealthy marriage to the beauty industry, has become shallow and vain. Or so I had previously thought.

In 2010, I became the Spa Director of Natural Body in Leawood. In three years, I’ve seen the impact that an authentic, self-care focused spa can have on a community. We are a team of friends who live to make people feel good. And the amazing thing we’ve discovered is – feeling good spreads happily through people to families and neighborhoods. It’s what we’re all about.

Our world is filled with voices promoting our cultural obsession with anti-aging, “beauty”, and jean size, and using dishonest marketing to sell products that may or may not be good for us. A true spa’s focus is feeling good: mentally, physically, and spiritually. It offers simple services using simple, natural ingredients. It’s a comforting place, with friendly & honest people. It is a place to go to escape, recharge, learn new things, and have fun.

So that when you leave, the good you feel will become the good you do.

milagro. a midwestern spa & collective.

feel good. do good.


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