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Spa, guilt-free

When people sit down at the Maker Counter and we ask them what they’re currently using on their skin, they often look guilty and sheepish to tell us.

What in the world is up with that? Do we look like the kind of people who judge you based on your skin care choices? Good lord, I hope not.

Let me share a few facts about me to take all of the pressure off you:

  1. Sometimes I buy Doritos for my husband and sometimes I even eat some.

  2. I drink coffee from Starbucks and I’m perfectly okay with that.

  3. I’ve taken two yoga classes in my life and they were in college . . . I’ll let you guess how long ago that was.

  4. I’ve never been to an acupuncturist, or even a chiropractor.

  5. If you’re gonna tell me that an ingredient (in food, skincare, whatever) causes cancer, you’d better show me some pretty good hard evidence beyond correlation (I learned in third grade science that correlation and causation are not the same). Otherwise, you’re selling fear and have an agenda.

  6. I don’t juice. Or detox. (Besides the BS detoxing that I discussed here.)

  7. When I received my cancer diagnosis and two different oncologists told me I needed aggressive chemotherapy to begin immediately, I did not once consider going home and eating super foods instead.

  8. I am a diehard skeptic, I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I like science.

  9. I’m really not anti “big” anything, except for Big Beauty. That has less to do with the useless products they sell (although that bugs the crap out me) and more to do with their focus on superficial, unattainable, meaningless junk.

So consider the pressure off. We created Milagro to be a place where you can check the “your lifestyle is killing you” guilt at the door.

We are spa for real people who want to feel really at home. We are spa without the “we can fix you” agenda. There are enough voices telling you what you should be, what you should look like, and what you should do. When everyone else has an opinion on your life, we are where you can go to be who you are.

No judgments, no-holier-than-thou lifestyle advice, no pressure other than encouragement to OWN who you are.

Unless you don’t like dogs. Then we may have a problem.


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