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With relish.


Good words from our friend Stacy of Blue Raddish Studios:

One of my favorite words: Relish.

Recently, my son asked sarcastically if I was “relishing relish” as he noticed three bottles of relish in our cabin refrigerator. Unless we start hosting hot dog buffets, we will never use this relish. But it made my day that he knew the context of the word.

I admit it. I over-relish. It actually made me grab his forehead and kiss it over and over again relishing the smell of his skin, knowing I will only be able to do this for 6 more years. #mommyrelish I was talking about the inevitability of death with a stranger this week and without realizing what I was saying, I told him I wasn’t afraid of death or dying or any of it. I told him if Jesus was creating a list of people to come and camp out, I wouldn’t be afraid to be on the list. Every day I wake up, I try to give this circus one hell of a ride. I do my best to relish each day as if it could be my last. Because honestly, I really believe it to be true.

This brings me to one of my biggest liabilities: I have a super low tolerance for whiny-butt people. One of my coping strategies is prayer. It is healthier than banging my head on hard things.

Yo-Yo Universe, I woke up today. And I consider that a damn good start. Please help me over-relish another day of moments. The good. The bad. The disgusting. The joyous. You always give me an interesting mix. Magical moments and craptastic ones. In the moments I love, please help me to find joy. In the craptastic gritty shit, please help me to find joy. And when I encounter a whiny-butt, please help me wrap my arms around them. And squeeze. Hard. Help me to keep a smile on my face. PLEASE help me help them find joy and savor flavor. Our days are numbered. And every one of them matters. Guide me in over-relishing, finding-joy and more importantly, helping others to find joy in your magic. And in your craptastic.


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