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a Valentine to The Milagrans

Dear Milagrans,

This is my Valentine love letter to YOU. Yes, it’s late, but if you know me, that’s sort of my M.O.

Two years ago when I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the spa and create Milagro, I was hesitant. Very, very hesitant. Why? I’ve dreamed of having my own spa for a long, long time. But while I loved the idea of spa and creating a feel good atmosphere, it’s no secret I’m not real fond of today’s typical spa model or the messages they send.

You always hear this advice given to entrepreneurs: don’t do it unless you are 100% passionate about it. And here’s what’s up: I’m not passionate about making people look beautiful or younger. I’m not passionate about encouraging you to eat clean or find your perfect workout or detoxify your home. Heck, I’m not even passionate about spring’s newest trends.

What I am incredibly passionate about, what I believe is my calling, what I wake up to do everyday? Make people feel good. That’s it.

And Milagro is my platform. Milagro is my pulpit to preach my message to the world. I want you to be comfortable in your skin, whatever that skin looks like. I want you to own the things that make you weird (aka unique) and use them to create your own fulfilling life, whatever that life looks like. I want you to be you, joyfully and unashamed. Because I truly, 100% know in my deepest Ashley heart that people who love themselves and laugh at themselves and know themselves are our best hope to create the kind of world we all want.

The unbelievable thing is, you guys are feeling it. And I do mean FEELING it. And sharing it. And coming back for more. And it makes me so happy I could burst.

Because this isn’t supposed to work. Spas are supposed to make their buck selling expensive (and extensive) skin care and by upselling services with add-ons and upgrades and by offering the latest and greatest in spa “technologies.” Instead, we’ve created a comfortable, warm, inviting, encouraging and inspiring place . . . and people don’t want to leave. They want to sit for hours and talk about life, and jobs, and kids (or no kids), and dogs (or cats, I guess) and pie, and travels, and passion, and creativity, and books, and music, and relationships, and REAL STUFF. It’s like we’ve created the world’s most comfortable coffee shop where you can walk around in a robe and no one stares.

And you’re digging it. And evangelizing about it. You all are our BEST advertising because you describe us in such authentic ways:

– I love that I can come in looking like crap and feel completely at home.

– I love that my massage is different at every visit, but always exactly what I need. The therapists are literally the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they actually listen to me.

– I love that I can bring my young daughter for a facial and she hears a healthy message about valuing herself and others, without regard for appearance.

So thank you. Thank you, Milagrans, from the bottom of my heart. For coming. For sharing yourselves with us. For getting what we do. For sending us your friends. For trusting us. For allowing us to be your happy place. For spreading Milagro love all over KC. You’ve truly floored me . . . and reminded me that people are awesome.


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