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All they want for Christmas is you.

Mom and Dad Smith

One of my favorite memories from when Smitty and I first started dating was visiting his parents’ house at Christmastime, somewhere around 1994/95/96. Mom Smith knows how to Christmas – the decor, the baking, all of it. But what stands out in my head (or my ears, rather) is Dad Smith in the lower level rec room, blasting Mariah Carey’s holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Loud enough for all the neighborhood to hear.

He’s going to love me telling you that story.

His tastes have since changed, but this was my first introduction to The Smiths as a Very Musical People. In this family, everything is a song. And if you’re not careful and a sentence you speak mimics a lyric, they’re off and singing and there’s no stopping it. Eye rolling and hands over ears only encourages it.

(Also, side note: knowing the actual lyrics is not required. As long as you know the melody. In fact, I believe made up lyrics are encouraged. Smitty is a gold medalist in ad libbed impromptu song composure.)

(Also, side note: Dad Smith won a pretty fantastic award this year for using his love of music to spread so much joy. Can’t tell you how much I love this. Family brag.)

This time of year, our book here at Milagro is filled with pairs and trios and groups of moms and daughters and friends and cousins and couples who want nothing more during this busy time than just to be together. In a space that’s quiet and warm and has zero distractions. No phones to check, no laundry to switch, no dishwasher to empty, no rug rats with a million questions. No dinging emails, no interrupting waiters, anxious to flip their table. Just time together where you’re encouraged to get comfy and stay awhile.

It’s the best gift: attention. Not available in stores. Not available online.

When you’re thinking of the people you love and wondering what to give them that matters, here’s a hint: they want to be with you. Even if you have an annoying habit of making up stupid catchy songs they’ll never get out of their head. All they want for Christmas is you.

We’ve made it as easy as we can for you to gift Milagro time. All you have to do is clear space on your calendar to come with. Plus, with our new Spa Service Six Packs, you can get super creative:

  1. Have a group of gal pals that need to spa together soon? Split a six pack.

  2. Have two couples (your parents and your in laws) on your list? Split a six pack (two couples massages to gift and one couples massage to keep for you and your lovey).

  3. Have five friends who love and need Milagro? Split a six pack (and keep the freebie for you for being such a fantastic friend).

Have a really loud (“musical”) family from which you need escape? Buy yourself the damn six pack and split it with no one. All they want for Christmas is a mentally stable you.


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