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burnt. out.

I decided last week I may be burnt out.

Not sure what clued me in. Could have been the night I closed the spa, began running a few errands, and realized I may have left a candle burning in the lounge. My immediate thought?  “Eh, I have good insurance”.

Or could have been the day I found myself eating a cold rotisserie chicken breast with only my hands (and at the front desk) at 4pm for “lunch”.

Either way, it’s safe to say I’ve been running on empty for awhile. And I’ve decided I’m completely okay with that. In fact, I love it.

It may sound weird, but “happy and healthy” are not my ultimate goals for this life. I want to be used. I want to be spent. I want to be poured out, refilled and poured out again. It’s why I’m here.

A spa I used to work for insisted we not use the term “pamper” when referring to our services. If clients thought of spa as “pampering”, they would equate it to an unnecessary luxury. I’m proud to tell you with absolute certainty, this is not a problem at Milagro. Our people come to us as their lifeboat. They spend their hours, days, and weeks pouring themselves into life and they come to Milagro to be refilled. Hospice workers, inpatient psychiatric unit counselors, nurses, teachers, caretakers of family members, stressed out bread winners, YOU. All of you amazing Milagrans.


I get the talk about balance, I really do. But sometimes there are opportunities to dive straight in and BE USED. And sometimes it’s exhausting and taxing and uncomfortable and so, so worth it.

Keep draining yourselves, Milagrans. It’s a great way to spend this one life you get. And we’ll be here to fill you up and send you back out again.


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