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Crazy eights.

I love when friends notice and ask about our eights. I usually give the short answer – it’s my lucky/favorite number – and leave it at that, but there’s really a lot more to it.

I love the resemblance of the 8 to the infinity symbol. Seeing these every day helps me keep perspective. They remind me that my focus and energy should be reserved for things that last, that are immeasurable, that are eternal. They (sometimes, hopefully) keep me from wasting time and stress on little things that are temporary and inconsequential. Life is so easily lost in the weeds.

Three years ago today, Natural Body Kansas closed its doors and we opened as Milagro. I never could have imagined then where this trip would take me. And as much as I thought I knew about business ownership being all consuming, I had no idea what that would actually mean.

Turns out it means a constant, conscious vigilance that what we’re building at Milagro makes a difference. Infinitely.

It’s a lot to ask of a “spa”. But anything less isn’t worth it.


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