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Current conditions.

It’s December 20th and if you’re wondering how we’re doing around here, let me fill you in.

  1. We have a new water feature in the spa. Isn’t it lovely? It’s been almost as fun as that time we had the foul smell just in time for Valentine’s Day. Ah, the joys of a 95-year-old building.

  1. Our computers continue to be the most reliable source of ultimate unreliability. Did you know computers could be completely wiped clean of EVERYTHING for no apparent reason? And did you know those computers could be repaired, only to never work properly again, and then be replaced by NEW computers that ALSO crash, obliterating their operating systems, too? I didn’t. But now I do. Seriously, if you’re out there and have ever heard of this happening or have any explanation for it, I need to hear it. In the meantime, Nicole has named me “The Most Unlucky with Technology” person of all time. And I’m honored.

  2. Christmas is in five days and I’ve purchased exactly one present. I tell you this in hopes it makes you feel better about yourself. I’m so here for you, friend.

  3. Because the holidays each fall on days we’re already closed (Sundays & Mondays), we’ve decided to be closed on the corresponding Tuesdays (December 26 and January 2) so our little team of hard working Milagrans can have a holiday break. For you, this means next week and the following week have very limited availability for spa services. Please please please call or book online soon if you’d like an appointment before January 9.

  4. Milagro gift cards are hands down the easiest and most-likely-to-be-appreciated gifts you’ll find. You can buy them for a specific service, for a retreat package, for a spa service six pack or for any dollar amount. You can include a spa lunch and/or a pie slice. You can pair them with one of our LUXURIOUS spa robes or our signature heated neck pillow. You can buy them online. You can come in and see us in our quiet little smells-delicious escape and even grab a cup of hot chocolate while you’re here. We’ll tie your gift card up with a lovely ribbon and you won’t even have to wrap anything. It’s the biggest win-win of all time.

Is it January yet? Is it daylight savings yet? Is it spring yet?


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