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Deck the halls . . . with Thanks & Giving.

It’s that time of year again. Retailers begin shoving Christmas in your face before you’ve even disposed of your pumpkins (or sometimes even before you’ve picked pumpkins). 49 shopping days left, you guys! Did you catch Chris Rock’s SNL monologue, calling us out for celebrating the birth of the least materialistic person ever with an entire season of materialism? I giggled.

We’re doing our part to redefine this season and we’re calling it “Thanks & Giving.” Starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year’s, this is the time of year to celebrate living a grateful life and the spirit of generosity that it brings.

Here at Milagro, we LOVE giving thanks and we LOVE giving gifts because we believe the two go together: the best way to live a generous life is to live a grateful life. Only when we acknowledge how much we’ve been given are we able to give cheerfully with a happy heart.

One of the best things about spa is we’re the place people come to show thanks to others — Milagro gift cards are given as appreciation for thoughtful acts and as acknowledgement that someone deserves to be taken care of. Every gift card has a story: she took care of me after surgery; they watched our kids so we could have date night; he helped us move . . . basically, I’m thankful for you so I’m gifting you a Milagro visit. Needless to say, we love what we do.

So this season, we’ve decided to spa it forward. Now through December 31, Thanks & Giving, we’ll match your generosity, one for one. For every $100 Milagro gift card you give, we’ll donate a $100 gift card to the fantastic folks at Supporting Kids Foundation, a local group that supports families who have children fighting cancer. This will allow SKF to gift Milagro visits to parents who desperately need a break, to families who need a way to thank their support circle, to nurses and other caregivers who deserve to be cared for themselves. Inspired by the cause? Give a $5 cash donation to SKF and we’ll add $20 in value to your purchased $100 gift card. It’s a win-win-win.

Happy Thanks & Giving, friends. It really is the most wonderful time of year, if you know what you’re celebrating. 


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