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False advertising.

A young (under 30) dude came into Milagro last week and immediately looked quite confused. He looked around like he may be in the wrong place and I asked if I could help.

“I think I want to buy a gift card?”

Milagro Overland Park Spa Storefront


“But could I like, see the spa area first?”

So off we went behind the magic curtain so I could show him all the comfy fantasticness that is Milagro and only then did he begin nodding and acting (strangely) relieved.

“I found you all online and saw the photo gallery and all the five-star reviews, but when I pulled up in front I thought I might be in wrong place. Your building is so, um, unassuming?”

I smiled and assured him, “we get that a lot”.

And honestly, it’s one of my favorite things about Milagro. Because our building was built in 1924 and we tried to keep the storefront as original as possible and because our space is less than 1/3 as wide as it is long, passersby have no concept of what’s inside our doors. The reality that there’s 3,100+ sqft of carefully planned and remarkably comfortable spa space inside is hard to imagine from our “unassuming” exterior.

Unassuming and unpretentious is who we are. It’s so fitting our building echos that.

I know what it’s like to be disappointed by the insides. Like that time Maggie gave me a piece of her Trader Joe’s chocolate bar THAT HAD GOOEY FRUIT CRAP on the inside. She gave me no warning, you guys.

I’m proud our inside is better than our outside. I hope that describes me. It describes most people I know. The more time I spend exploring what isn’t immediately visible, the more interesting and likable things I find.

I wonder how many times I’ve overlooked something spectacular because I made inaccurate assumptions based on the exterior.

And I wonder how much time, money, and energy I’ve mindlessly spent on my own outsides at the expense of what mattered to my insides.

Aspiring to be a hidden gem, like Milagro.


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