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feel good. do good.

Our entire vision for what we do at milagro is summed up in those four words: feel good. do good. We believe wholeheartedly that people who feel good do good things, and that since we’re in the business of making people feel good, we initiate positivity with every person who experiences milagro…beginning a ripple effect.

We also believe wholeheartedly that the inverse is true: doing good feels good. We’ve each been given one life, and we’re meant to use it to help, share, and give. Time, energy, experience, talent, wisdom, skill, resources…all of these things are better when shared generously with others.

So we’re putting “feel good, do good” into practice. Our first initiative will be to give a portion of our sales every month to a group or individual that is selflessly serving our community. And while we have causes that are personal to us, we also look forward to learning about & supporting the causes that are important to you, our fans.

For our inaugural month of September, we are pledging a portion of our total sales to the Light the Night team from Fusion Fitness. We are so inspired by the way the Fusion Fitness community has rallied to support a Fusion instructor whose 2-year-old was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Light the Night is the perfect evening of support for this family and the funds raised will be well used by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in research for blood cancers.

So sign up to walk, make a donation, or come get your milagro fix before October 1st. If you’ve already visited this month, then feel good that you’re supporting a family who needs all the support they can get. Spread the word, share the post. Feel good, do good, friends.


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