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Feel Good Do Good in Action: Chain of Hope

Our “milagro of the month,” Chain of Hope, is engaged in caring for (and sometimes rescuing and rehabilitating) malnourished, injured, sick and neglected animals in KC year round. One of their rescues, Sebastian, has made a full recovery with one of our very own clients, Marci. Since we love a feel good story — especially one about our friends doing good — we thought we’d share it with you!

Today, Sebastian is a loving, healthy, family dog with kind owners who take him for regular walks, play with him, and provide him warmth, shelter, food and love.  Sebastian’s story wasn’t always so sunny, though.

When Sebastian was a puppy, the folks at Chain of Hope found him tied to a fence, obviously malnourished, with no food, water or shelter available to him.  He was afraid of people, plagued with parasites, and tangled in his tie-out.

Chain of Hope rescued Sebastian, and took him back to their facilities to rehabilitate him.  Luckily for Sebastian, Steve and Marci Michnick spotted him and decided to take him home as a foster.  Soon enough, they fell in love and decided to adopt!

After more than a year of  loving and caring for Sebastian, Steve and Marci have a completely different dog.  He’s healthy, playful, and happy! He even went on vacation to Hermann, MO and Tennessee this summer. Marci was kind enough to let us know how Sebastian is doing now:

“Sebastian is a sweet and intelligent dog who loves his home and gets along great with our cats. He’s a regular at doggie daycare, and the staff has fallen in love with him as much as we have. When we bought Sebastian his first bed, he had no idea what it was for. Steve had to pick him up and place him into his bed. Now he has several beds, lots of toys, takes road trips and is a cherished member of our family. We will always support Chain of Hope because they are in the trenches doing the hard work that so many of us wouldn’t want to do. I also hate to think about what would have happened to Sebastian if he hadn’t been rescued by Chain of Hope. We’re so happy to provide him with a loving home and we treasure the love that he gives us in return.”

Our community at milagro is comprised of caretakers and selfless givers. How do we know this? Because when you, our fans, come to milagro, you open up and share who you are…and we learn about the incredible things you do and all the things you care about. Marci above is just one example. We LOVE that the traditional stereotype of spa guests as spoiled, bon-bon eating, cucumber-slices-on-the-eyes divas is blown out of the water by all of you.


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