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Five things you should know about exfoliation

Show up at any high-end beauty counter and you’ll hear the e-word: exfoliation. Let’s get the real story, shall we? Here are five things you should know about exfoliation.

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1.) No matter what anyone tells you, exfoliation is not vital. Your skin is perfectly capable of making and shedding cells on its own.

2.) Yes, your skin does this more slowly as you age. Is that a defect? Nope. It’s just how your skin operates. In fact –

3.) Slower cell turnover (throughout the body) as we age is likely a protective measure: if we’re more likely to develop disease as we age, we don’t really want unhealthy cells replicating like crazy.

4.) Over-exfoliating is rampant, friends. And you know what over exfoliation causes? Inflammation. Which is no bueno.

5.) The most effective “anti-aging treatments” (ugh) wound the skin to the point of causing regeneration. Temporary improvement? Yep. Inflammation? You got it. Think you can coax your skin to regenerate forever? Google “Hayflick limit.”

Bottom line? If you’re into a minimalistic skin care approach, exfoliation is an easy step to drop. One less product, one less expense. If you don’t think you can live without the scrub-a-dub, we recommend being gentle and not exfoliating too often. If you’re looking for an aggressive “anti-aging treatment” (ugh, again) – yes, you can pay people to damage live layers of skin so that your body is forced to make new skin. Just make sure you understand the science behind the treatment before you decide you’re in.

More questions about exfoliating or our minimalist approach to healthy skin? Pop in anytime and visit The Maker Counter. Or book a 30-minute Maker consultation on Mondays between 10-6, and we’ll make sure you get all of your questions answered.


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