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Holiday warriors, celebrate. At Milagro. December 18.

I had to go to Michael’s last week during the holiday season, also known as the seventh circle of hell (is that the right phrase? I’ve never used it before. Why is it the seventh?)

As I stood in the long checkout line, bathed in sad fluorescent lights, serenaded by horrible Christmas music, I realized I was surrounded by shelves of ginormous PEZ dispensers, Hot Tamales, and boxes of NERDS. And when I say ginormous, I mean feet by feet. Larger than an infant. $24.99. Does anyone need this? Do people buy these? Do we really live in a country where average folks have $25 to spend on freakishly oversized candy? What a weird world.

How are you handling the madness? Do you love it? Are you barely surviving? Either way, you’ll want to join us for Local Life 3rd Friday on December 18. Why? -you’ll need last minute gifts. we’ll have them. -you’ll need drinks. we’ll have them. -you’ll need cookies. and candy canes. and cocoa. we’ll have them.

Festivities from 5-8pm on Friday, December 18 (yes, that is exactly one week before Christmas). We’ll be mixing gift sets at the Maker


Hang in there, Milagrans. We’ll see you on the 18th.

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