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I can’t.

Since becoming Milagro, one of the things I struggle with most (other than people who drive 35mph on Metcalf where the limit is 45mph) is “skin care” (yes. in quotes. on purpose.)

How do we do spa the way we want to do spa while avoiding the black hole of BS that is “skin care”?


I despise the marketing methods of traditional skin care companies, shaming women into buying their products because GOD FORBID YOU GET OLD. HOW COULD YOU? DON’T YOU HAVE ANY PRIDE? WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOUR PRIORITIES?

And unfortunately, I’ve found over the last four years the “natural” companies can be equally infuriating, using fear about “TOXIC CHEMICALS” (yes. in quotes. on purpose.) to sell their “green” products.

And this is why we have the Maker Counter. And relationships with only a select few skin care makers who sell their delicious stuff with an impressive amount of integrity (in an industry that seems devoid of it).

Worried your personal care products are killing you? We enjoyed this piece on the topic.


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