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I probably shouldn’t write anymore. Like ever.

Sit back and let me tell you a story about how enlightened I am.

Last month I wrote this cute little piece about how my Jeep (aka The War Rig) taught me a valuable lesson about attentiveness. At this point, you’re gonna wanna go back and read it if you haven’t already. Don’t worry….I’ll wait…

Ready for the punchline?

This month, this happened.

Two things: 1. I’m so glad my “violations” only needed one section (there are TEN NUMBERED SPACES). 2. If I was better at computers I would make for damn sure you can’t zoom in on that sad Jeep photo since I’m inside with my eyes rolled all the way back around inside my head. (photo cred: Smitty)

And this is why I’m so good at this whole business-y marketing stuff. These days, it’s all about positioning yourself as an expert, so people look to you for answers. Here is the lengthy list of things at which I’m expert: 1. running late 2. forgetting things 3. making messes/breaking things 4. overcommitting 5. telling someone I’ll do something and then totally doing it (within the calendar year) 6. telling myself I’m going to be SO MUCH BETTER about numbers 1-5

If you’re like me at all, much of life is navigating the tension between who I am and who I want to become, and practicing the self inflicted grace and forgiveness that requires.

My answer? Milagro.

The quiet space to acknowledge who I am now, in all my glory (some days) and all my fall-shortedness (other days).

The comfy spot to clear the clutter and remember I’m capable of being better and doing better (if I can avoid the distracting but enticing charm of s#*! that doesn’t matter).

The heaping tablespoons of grace and forgiveness I can give out only if I begin with myself.

A community of “me too!” peeps to entertain (and encourage) me.

But perhaps most importantly, the place I can go to tell the world, “leave me alone and figure out your own crap for awhile; I’m Milagro-ing”. We can all be experts at that.


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