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In other words.

Sometimes I love the internet. Maybe 26.74% of the time.

It definitely earned some bonus points last week when it introduced me to my new friend Meghan through her fantastic post I Want Nothing For My Birthday.

She seemed a kindred spirit so I invited her to Milagro to enjoy our space and chat. Her experience as a former shop owner embarking on a mission to curb her own consumerism rang so familiar with my own struggle to define spa apart from the hard sell of self-modification that most “spas” and “wellness” “lifestyle brands” push. Our time was refreshing and so inspirational. There’s really nothing like a meaningful conversation that leaves you screaming “YES! YES! YES!” in your head.

Photo by Meghan

Photo by Meghan

Meghan wrote about Milagro in her own words and it blew me away. They say it’s often hard to truly see things that are so close to you (forest and trees and all that). What I have a hard time communicating, Meghan NAILS in her post. I hope you’ll read it. And stick around to read her other remarkable writings. Her corner of the web is a big piece of that 26.74%. I’ll have more of what she’s (not) selling, please!


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