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Introducing: Maker Mondays @ Milagro

Before I was married to a “car guy,” I hated taking my car to get the oil changed. My lack of knowledge about how cars work meant I was an easy candidate for up-selling. My anticipated $19.95 service became a $150 service before I even knew what hit me. So frustrating — I always felt completely taken advantage of when I left.

Knowledge is power, y’all, and we here at Milagro are bringing the power to the people when it comes to skin care. Beginning in August, the first Monday of every month will be Maker Monday. Reserve your seat at our Maker Counter for an evening of interactive fun, learning the basics of how skin works and the benefits of a simple approach.

Because here’s the thing: once you know how skin works, you won’t be duped by someone trying to sell you skin care. You’ll feel confident at any store and on any website, navigating ingredient lists and marketing promises, determining what’s best for you. Or, if you’d prefer, you’ll feel confident mixing your own ingredients into custom blends — by you, for you.

  1. If you feel like a sucker every time you shop for skin care, Maker Mondays are for you.

  2. If you clean out your bathroom cabinet and wonder how you got so much stuff and why you spent so much money, Maker Mondays are for you.

  3. If you feel like there’s no way you can keep up with the ever-growing list of irritating ingredients, Maker Mondays are for you.

Join us for our inaugural event Monday, August 4, from 6:30 – 8 pm. Call to reserve your spot, as space will be limited. We’ll have snacks and drinks, we’ll talk about skin and you’ll get to try some of our techniques and ingredients — hey, we promised interactive! So much fun.

We’re turning the blah-est day of the week into something you’ll actually look forward to. See you Monday.


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