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Introducing the all-new revamped Maker Mondays!

Back in August, we introduced Maker Mondays and were a bit overwhelmed with the response. Y’all are hungry for honest skin care education. And we love that.

So after hosting the first workshop, we decided to brainstorm how to duplicate the experience while allowing more folks to participate. Beginning in November, EVERY Monday will be Maker Monday at Milagro. What does that mean? Starting November 3 and continuing every Monday, you can book a Maker Counter appointment from 10am – 6pm for an in-depth, one-on-one natural skin care consultation. These slots are perfect for both those who are new to natural DIY skin care, as well as for those who are more experienced. Learn what ingredients work best for YOUR skin. Feel free to bring your current skin care products, so we can help you understand the ingredient list. Make your own custom products using our raw ingredients and essential oils – cleansers, scrubs, masks, moisturizers, toner sprays, and bath soaks are just some of the possibilities. There is no charge for these appointments. Custom products range from $3 – $30. Allow 30 minutes. Book online HERE or call 913-338-0620.

Also starting November 3, and continuing on the first Monday of every month, we’ll host our evening skin education workshops from 6:30 – 8pm.  We’ll talk about the science and structure of skin and what affect we can have (or want to have) on its natural functions. We’ll dispel the myth that good skin care is expensive and requires a multi-step regimen. Leave confident that you can decipher fact from fiction in skin care marketing and gain new respect for the hard work your skin does for you. Drinks and eats are provided and there is no charge for these workshops. You will have the opportunity to make custom products for purchase. Space is limited, as these classes are interactive. Look for your email invitation this week which will request your RSVP. Not on our email list? Join HERE.

Our goal with the Maker Counter is simple: honest skin education. Because where else are you going to get it? From the skin care companies? Not likely. From the sales gal behind the makeup counter? Doubt it. Heck, even dermatologists are selling skin care these days. Seems a bit unethical.

Start your week off with some spa fun. Visit us this Monday. Visit us every Monday. Claim your seat at The Maker Counter and join the anti-Big Beauty revolution. Your skin will thank you.


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