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It actually IS all about you.

If I were going to tell you all about the incredible people who come to Milagro, I wouldn’t know where to start. It really has been my favorite part of spa ownership.

Here’s a piece of Milagro truth: people come to us at their highest and at their lowest.

It makes sense, I guess. In many instances, a spa visit is planned either to celebrate something fantastic or recover from the general ridiculousness of life. So we get the honor of hosting happy occasions and also providing a safe retreat. And honestly, I think we enjoy both equally. As much fun as it is to toast your awesomeness, it’s equally as humbling and moving to share your pain. It’s why we’re as likely to hear “this is my happy place” as we are to hear “this is where I come to let go”. Whoa. What a privilege.

Milagro is about you. It’s as much yours as it is ours. It is a community. A collective. It is so much more than spa, because you’ve made it that way.

At our grand opening last April, we gave away free spa services for a year as part of our fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our lucky winner was Shari – nurse, mother, wife, artist, and all-around amazing woman. Shari visited every month for a free 60-minute service of her choice. What else did she do? She talked about us to everyone she knows. She gave Milagro gift cards for every occasion. She brought her family and friends. She basically became a stark raving Milagran. In her words:

Shari and family

“When I first stepped in the door of Milagro, I knew immediately it was very special. Not only were Ashley and the rest of her colleagues warm and down-to-earth, the atmosphere is unmatched. I always feel a calmness, a permission to relax, as I walk in. I try to arrive 20 minutes before my appointment and stay for at least 20 minutes after my spa service so I can reap the benefits of lounging in the softly lit Relax Room in the glider chairs with a cup of tea. The unique Maker Counter and other spa and gift items are always fun to browse and discover new things for myself or for gifts. I have no desire to even try a spa service at another spa in the Kansas City area because I have found ‘my spa’! As an empty nest mom and retired nurse with aging parents, I have rarely given my self permission to take care of myself, and I am so grateful that Milagro has changed that. Giving a Milagro gift card is my first choice when giving a special gift to my friends and loved ones because Milagro has been such a gift to me.”

We’ve had so much fun with Shari, we’ve decided to do it again. In her honor, we’ll be giving away free spa services for a year to the Milagran who sends us the most new Milagrans, from July 1 – September 1. Every time a new friend comes to Milagro, we ask them how they heard about us. When they tell us it was YOU, you’ve got an entry. He/she with the most entries on September 1 wins. Plan your strategy – tag us on social media, forward our emails, hand out our cards. We wanna meet your friends.

The fun ones, of course.


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