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Just my style.

I’m not a creative jewelry wearer. Accessorizing is not a thing in Ashlandia. I wear the same pieces every day: my engagement ring & wedding band, the earrings Smitty gave me the first Christmas we were married, and this leather cuff.

The cuff was a gift from friends who where raising money to adopt. They (obviously) created this custom one just for me. I love it.

A few months ago I pulled into a parking spot and loaded my arms full of stuff to bring into the spa. As I got out of the car, something I was carrying slid enough to unsnap the bracelet and it dropped to the ground in the adjacent parking space. A car immediately swung into the spot and drove right over the bracelet.


I slow-mo yelled “noooooo” and the poor driver jumped out immediately to see what in the world I was yelling about. “It’s alright, it was just my bracelet.”

The snap had been squashed, one of the rivets was missing, and the leather had been scraped.

I took the injured to our neighbor Henry at Overland Park Shoe Repair. The cuff is now back on my wrist where it belongs, with just a few battle scars. The rivets don’t match exactly and the nick in the leather is still obvious. I think I love it more now. It’s everything a Milagro bracelet should be – one of a kind with a backstory and proud signs it’s been through some stuff.


Mitch and Kamden with Malachi and Maddox


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