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I updated our website today ALL BY MY BIG GIRL SELF and I didn’t even break anything.

I think I may run for president.

One of my favorite business-y life lessons I’m learning is: just make a plan. And then figure it out.

If I wait until I know everything I need to know to do something, I will likely never do anything.

Some other things I’ve learned recently: -Hustling, building an empire, developing my “personal brand”, becoming an “online influencer” are completely not my thing(s). -Warm, comfortable, open, accepting, inviting, detail-oriented hospitality is my jam. -Hearing peoples’ stories and being able to meld their experiences with my experiences to make more sense of life and to become a more awesome-r human is what it’s all about. -Sharing these stories with other awesome humans so we all realize we’re not alone is icing on the cake. -If we only knew the stories of the people we encounter every day, we would be much more careful with what we whine about. -Maggie’s 7-year-old Avra is my spirit animal. She says wise things like, “you know what the most important thing in life is, Mom? Death.” And she has the self-awareness to warn Granny, “I’m probably going to lose it at some point today.”

I turn 40 in November, so I’m sure I will have EVERYTHING figured out by then, right?

What life lesson are you in the middle of learning?

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