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life in limbo.

The reason I often use the phrase “becoming milagro” is that I feel quite like we’re living in a state of limbo right now. A strange in-between. We’re the same people, in the same space, but we’re creating something different.

Our new home isn’t ready, so for the time being we’re in a place recognized by many as Natural Body. It doesn’t help that the sign on the front of the building still says Natural Body. In case you were wondering why that is, the signage approval process with the City of Leawood takes 4-6 months. Don’t get me started.

So while little pieces of our local personality are beginning to show up, there is still a bit of Natural Body “flavor” to us. And we’re good with that. We wouldn’t exist without it. Natural Body is a highly successful corporately owned spa chain. They’ve been around a long time and clearly know A LOT about the spa business. We just believe, for us, it’s time for our “spa business” to evolve.

You’ve read the phrase “feel good, do good” many times here. Our entire reason for being is boiled down to one purpose: making people feel good. Which means we do things a little differently. The traditional spa/retail setup doesn’t work for us. We do not exist to be the free marketing arm of a skincare company. We do not exist to project an unattainable image of beauty or perfectly "clean" living.

We are real people who love taking care of other real people. We live for the change that we see in our guests, from the time they enter our doors – stressed, hurried, often guarded, and usually in a sort of auto-pilot daze, to the time they leave – open, relaxed, at ease, and basically blissed out. And you know what? Blissed out people make much better company. They’re less likely to dole out road rage in the parking lot. They’re less inclined to be short tempered with the slow cashier at the store. And they’re more likely to spread bliss wherever they go. The world needs more bliss spreaders.

So while we’re hanging out here in “the space formerly known as Natural Body”, we are slowly becoming milagro. You may notice a more relaxed atmosphere. We are a casual, slightly goofy group and we treat our guests like old friends. We want you to feel right at home in our spa. We’re not big on traditional retail hype like Black Friday or decorating for Christmas in October. Those things may be good for sales, but we think they’re harmful to the spirit of the holidays.

And since construction on our new space is moving a little more slowly than we’d like (thanks, city of Overland Park) we may be living in limbo well into January.

Luckily, we know a lot about getting comfortable.


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