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My mom.

She could tell you exactly what we paid for dinner and at what restaurant we ate in Zurich in 1989. It’s all in one of her “books”. She is such an accountant.

Also in her “books” is every family member’s and every friend’s birthday, anniversary, graduation date, address, and every other important detail needed to be a fantastic friend & encourager. She has a notebook of greeting cards, organized by date and ready to send.

She’s known for having constant boarders in her home and the number of people who know the code to her garage door is too large to count. She only technically has three daughters, but the number of people who have called her mom at some point or another is also too large to count. She is the ultimate hostess and could make serious dough running what may as well be a bed & breakfast.

When you come to Milagro and tell me every detail seems thought of and everything you need has been anticipated, that’s her influence. It’s how I watched her show love and I’m doing my best to follow her lead. Love is evident in the little things.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I wouldn’t be who I am and Milagro wouldn’t be what it is without you.


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