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On women.

Real talk: some days I don’t want to talk about skin care anymore. It seems a superficial endeavor. And our goal of hosting honest conversations about the privilege of aging and the stunning BS of Big Beauty becomes exhausting.

But then a Milagran sends flowers thanking us for helping her skin heal after topical chemo and I realize we’re providing a desperately needed voice. Especially to women, who are the biggest target of an $11 billion industry using phony “science” and a plethora of Photoshop to capitalize on our insecurities.

Want to celebrate International Women’s Day? Tell Big Beauty you don’t need them and their patronizing message. That you’re perfectly fine and happy and capable of greeting each new year of life with appreciation and gratitude instead of dread and fear. That your skin and your body and your hair don’t exist for public commentary and approval. That you refuse to play their comparison game. And that any self-improvement you choose will be in accordance with your own values and goals and not their agenda to sell you more stuff.

BECAUSE WOMEN, YOU GUYS. Where would we be without us? And imagine where we could go if we decided we were enough.


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