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Our Christine.

We're at t-minus nine days until daylight savings and I think I'm gonna make it. If you know me, you know I start counting when it's single digit weeks (January 4th this year). I am truly solar powered and long dog walks are what give me life. How are you all hanging in there? (Don't tell me you're "a winter person", that is hogwash.)

Today was a good day though, because Milagran Christine turned forty. Do you know Christine? If you don't know our Christine, I bet you know a Christine. Our Christine is sweet and quiet and also lifts weights and reads voraciously and is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Last month, after a super snowy Saturday at the spa, I went to my car and it had already been scraped. Steph's, too. Typical Christine.

Our Christine is unbelievably thorough and reliable and dependable. When I begin to panic because I may have overlooked an important detail of spa operations, I turn around and Christine's already handled it. I can't tell you how many times a week I think, "what would I do without a Christine?"

Our Christine is super smart and super curious; humble and open. If you ask her expert advice or opinion on anything, you know her answer will be carefully considered. She may even circle back to you once she's done more research or changed her initial thoughts or gained more insight. 

Our Christine is an outdoorsy chick from Connecticut with a hard working, supportive husband and two kind, creative boys. She has an ADORABLE pittie pup named Fish and two kittens, Phelps and Magic, who all like to cuddle. Together. Seriously, check them out on Instagram here. She's lived in Arizona and Colorado and I'm so glad she found her way to KC and to Milagro.

When I became the spa director at Natural Body in June of 2010, Christine had just started maternity leave. She and I hadn't met, but I was made aware of what I was missing. I was constantly consoling disappointed clients when they heard she would be unavailable for massage for awhile. And the rest of the staff was mourning - missing her energy in her absence. When I took over ownership and we became Milagro, I reached out to Christine to let her know, based on her reputation alone, there would always be a spot open for her with us. And when both her boys reached school age in 2015, she was ready to massage again and showed up at Milagro's doorstep. How lucky are we?

Do you have a Christine in your life? A never-squeaky-wheel who is so steady and easy, you may forget to tell them how much you appreciate who they are and what they bring to your world? In honor of our Christine's big birthday, let 'em know how much you'd miss 'em if they were gone.



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