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Pet Peeve: Hippies

If you look in my senior yearbook under my pet peeves, it says “hippies.” Yes, hippies.

But today, I own a “natural” spa. Makes no sense? Let me explain.

Those who know my story may assume that I’m the classic “cancer survivor goes all-natural” case. And that is part of it, but not in the way you may think.

Life-changing events can cause a person to scrutinize their priorities. When we realize that certain important resources are finite, our natural response is to become very aware of how we spend those resources.

Time. Energy. Money. Most of us only have so much. I decided to spend mine on things that are truly important to me, things that make me better.

This meant breaking up with the gossip and beauty magazines that left me broke, in more ways than one…

. . There was the money I spent on the magazines. . . There was the energy I spent comparing myself to the women in those magazines. . . There was the time I spent researching what I thought I “needed” to buy, to be more like the women in those magazines. . . And then, of course, there were the $200 shopping trips to buy products I would enjoy for just a few weeks, until they broke their promises, I got bored and bought new ones.

So what’s a girl to do? SIMPLIFY. I reached deep into my years of skin care education and determined what I actually need, and what I could do without.

The truth? I don’t NEED much. In case you didn’t know, skin is amazing. Our skin is self-sustaining: it was made that way. It cares for itself really well . . . if you let it.

Here at Milagro, The Maker Counter is our answer to the traditional makeup counter. We’ve assembled a pantry of raw ingredients (think clays, sugars, salts, flours, butters, oils) that we believe are all you need. We invite you to pull up a bar stool and learn and mix to your heart’s content. We’re making skin and body care simple, fun and affordable.

Tired of trying to keep up with which ingredient is under fire? At the Maker Counter, there are no detergents, no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no worries. There are no 15-step regimens. No insane price tags.

And best of all? No misleading and degrading beauty industry marketing tricks.

Find a new kind of freedom. Break up with the makeup counter. Reserve your resources for things that make you happy — hippie or not.

Welcome to The Maker Counter at Milagro.


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