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Putting on my dog goggles.


Rio & Ocho, my life teachers

I’ve been contemplating lately that my dogs only see me as energy. It makes no difference to them if I’m short, tall, white, black, skinny, heavy, blonde, brunette, pretty, fashionable, smooth-skinned or wrinkly. All they “see” is my energy.

So if people did the same and only saw energy, I wonder how they would recognize me as Ashley? If they were blind to my physical appearance and I was only identifiable by the energy I carry, what would I look like?

And then Monday happened and computers didn’t work, and phones didn’t work, and there was traffic, and the washing machine is busted and I was huffy and impatient and frustrated. And I know exactly what my energy “looked” like.

So the moral of my story is I’m going to spend very little of my very limited time here worrying about how I actually look and spend a lot of time doing things that give me happy energy. Because whether or not I can ever cure cancer or establish world peace or give every human everything they need to live comfortably, I can at least make the people around me feel good.

And that’s all I’ve got on this beautiful Tuesday.

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