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Shakin’ what my mama (and daddy) gave me

Since I clearly missed writing a Mother’s Day post (sorry, Judy!), this Fathers Day post will be more of a “joint parenting” post (can you share the holiday, Doug?)

Strong life lessons that define who I am, and by default, what Milagro is: -From my mom, shoot straight. Tell it like it is. Tell the truth, no “harmless” white lies. -From my dad, be yourself. Always. No matter what anyone and everyone else is doing.

How does that translate to Milagro and our spa?

About a year ago, after 12 years working in the industry, I finally said out loud to the world: “I want to open a spa, but not a ‘beauty spa’ because the beauty industry is full of crap.” “I want to open a spa, but not a ‘health spa’ because I really like donuts.” “I want to open a spa, but not a ‘wellness spa’ because the last yoga class I took was in 2006.” “I want to open a spa, but I’m a horrible salesperson and don’t want to work with salespeople.”

For all of these reasons, we do spa differently. And so, an encounter with Milagro may leave you wondering, “what just happened?”

Our spa experience is intended to be a departure from the norm.

A typical spa visit may go something like this: you check-in for relaxation and before you can even exhale, the hints begin: “You should add some deep tissue work; it’s a $10 upgrade.” “You should treat those circles under your eyes with an intensive eye treatment; it’s $20 extra.” “You should be getting a glycolic peel; it’s a $30 add-on” “You should buy these 29 different products that are completely necessary for you to even be able to leave the house in the morning…cash, check, or charge?” You depart the spa having spent twice what you had intended and feeling completely insecure about “issues” that you hadn’t even considered before (My eyelashes are abnormally short?)

How relaxing.

And so, here we are. Milagro. Our approach is different and (we think) better. Our exceptional spa team has complete freedom to customize your service exactly for you…without any upgrades or additional charges. They may use any technique in their repertoire and any product or ingredient in our building to make your treatment EXACTLY what you need.

No protocols dictated by a skincare company or corporate office No “staff incentives” to add-on a particular treatment No sales contests to see who can sell the most X No deceptive menu offerings (“spa packages” marketed as deals but actually the same price as the same services received separately)

Just amazingly real and talented experts doing what they do best – taking complete care of YOU.

We call it a Midwestern retreat spa and we are a place of comfort. We offer a space to tune out every voice except your own. While another biz in town may be offering “a new you” (and upselling you every step of the way) we just want to help you be more YOU, whatever that looks like for YOU. No pressure. No gentle hints.

When you come see us, you’re free of the “shoulds”- you know, you should be doing this, or you shouldn’t be doing that. So refreshing. And that’s what spa is all about.


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