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Smiling hearts.

Got this photo via text today. It makes my heart smile.

It’s from the social workers on 4 Henson, the hematology oncology unit at Children’s Mercy. Our partnership with Supporting Kids Foundation means we get to help keep the parent rooms at 4 Henson stocked. Every week, we deliver fresh fruit, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals so that moms and dads staying in the unit with their kiddos have options beyond hospital food.

It’s a tiny thing that we hope reminds these families they’re loved.

Not long after we became Milagro, we chose to form a relationship with one non-profit whose mission was meaningful to us. Our desire was (and is) to make more of an impact than just handing out spa gift cards for every fundraiser in the city.

We don’t talk much about our work with SKF as it often feels like businesses “give back” as part of their marketing strategy. Ew.

But tonight I thought I’d share my heart smile with you all, in case you needed one, too.


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