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Soul space.

Some days I feel like the luckiest girl.

I walked in the door at Milagro this morning and let out a huge, HUGE sigh. It felt so good to be here. It feels like my safe place. My home. And after a crazy few days or a crazy week or a crazy few months in my life, coming here makes things better.

We kicked off four years on April 10. The date came and went without much fanfare, and I’m okay with that. It feels like we’ve always been here.

And honestly, Milagro is not about Milagro.  Milagro is about the people who come here to find rest.

A good friend and loyal Milagran told me last week, “Milagro is space for my soul to breathe.” I cannot imagine a better compliment.

Life is hard. Sometimes in big ways and sometimes in tiny nagging annoying ways. I’ll never stop being grateful for being the place you go for comfort.


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