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Spa for your insides.

They say I need an elevator pitch – a 15-second spiel that sells Milagro to someone who’s never been. I’ve really struggled with this for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it’s hard to describe the way Milagro feels. And Milagro is all about feels.

So I’ve picked and pruned and weeded out and narrowed down and tried to boil Milagro down into one idea. If I’m honest, it’s pretty fundamental and self-serving. Because I created Milagro to do for others what spa (really good spa) does for me –

It helps me like people more.

Sounds weird, I know, but stick with me.

I’m a cynical sarcastic introvert by nature (I know, I know…super appealing, right?) People mostly wear me out and optimism is not my default setting. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. The other truth is this: the older I get the more I want to change. I want to be more patient. I want to give more grace. I want to look for the best. I want to go beyond tolerance and actually appreciate people for who they are.

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Where does Milagro come in? -Milagro is time-out for adults. Just like a grumpy toddler, sometimes I need to sit. In the quiet. Without any distraction. To pull myself together so that I can return to the sandbox, ready to play nice. It’s a reset button. It’s an attitude check and I need it often. Just ask my husband. -Milagro attracts superheroes. It’s where they come to power up. We see the most fascinating, hardworking, selfless people. I call them Milagrans, but you want to know a secret? They’re actually just regular folks. They’re living life and they come to Milagro for a break. To drop their burden for a moment. They’re working 80 hour weeks or their children are driving them insane or they’ve received a diagnosis or they’ve recently lost a husband. All the heavy, dirty, life stuff. They bring it to Milagro and I’m so grateful they do. When all I see are highlight reels, beautiful instagram feeds, put-together outfits, and shiny happy faces, I don’t see people. But as soon as someone shows me even a tiny bit of their heart, we connect. We say, “me too!” We see behind the curtain and understand.

And here is what I know: it’s hard to like people when I’m stressed out and tapped out. It’s hard to like people when I only see their shells and not their insides. But when I take time for me, I somehow find more patience and compassion for them. When I take time to hear their story, I find them so darn likeable.

It’s what I like to call A Milagro Makeover. It’s spa for your insides. It’s not shinier hair, it’s a calmer mind. It’s not younger skin, it’s a more patient heart. So while our services do give more relaxed muscles and super yummy skin, those are really just side effects.

It’s what a Milagro visit can do for your soul that we’re really excited about.


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