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spa simplified

It’s supposed to be fun, right? Planning a spa visit? You decide that some refueling is in order and you open up the spa menu. Whoa. Thirteen different types of massage? Two pages of facial options? Ten choices of body treatments? You need a spa menu coach and medication just to choose your service.

Milagro is spa simplified. We only offer one type of service: yours. If you’re looking for massage, you have one choice to make: what duration? We take it from there. Our massage therapists are incredibly experienced and highly educated in many different modalities. A quick Q&A before your session allows us to give you exactly the massage that you need on the day of your visit. It may include aromatherapy, heated stones, stretching, deep tissue work, Reiki, pressure point, or all of the above. You enjoy a custom service knowing that your therapist is not going through the motions of a predetermined massage protocol.

You don’t even need a chemistry degree to choose a skin treatment. Your skin therapist will listen to your concerns, learn about your lifestyle, and give you a one-of-a-kind facial, created just for you. Along the way, they’ll share their knowledge of ingredients and skin health, so that together you can choose products that fit you and your routine.

Why do body treatment descriptions seem to be written in a foreign language? These are nothing more than a facial for the body; a way to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record…our scrubs and wraps are formulated just for you. Salt or sugar scrubs to polish, clays or seaweed to deep cleanse, oils or butters to hydrate, depending on your skin and your preferences.

We believe that in life, simple is better. And that goes for spa as well. We’re swimming against the current of complexity; making spa fun again. Want to swim along?


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