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Is anyone else feeling like the beauty industry is completely out of control? Like if you have to read one more headline about how to get younger skin or shinier hair, you might just go off the deep end? Like if one more company tells you that their “scientifically proven” cream with “patented hydrosuperbrightamix lift and firm technology” will make you look 20 years younger, you’ll go permanently cross-eyed? Because we are…but we’ve decided to do something about it.

We’re very uncomfortable with the relationship that has formed between beauty and spa. And we’re very comfortable divorcing the two here at milagro. Spa is supposed to feel good: declutter the mind, settle the soul, calm the spirit, refocus our energy, clarify our priorities. These objectives leave no room for the superficial practice of comparing outward appearances or attaining society’s crazy standard of what is beautiful.

Our goal is to facilitate a mindful existence in our guests. One that leads to a well-balanced life of healthy self-care. Because people who care well for themselves are better equipped to care well for others. And what could impact our world more than people who fill their own cup for the very purpose of turning around and filling someone else’s?

Now THAT is a beautiful thing.


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