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The #1 complaint about Milagro

We’ve been here in our new spa home in Downtown Overland Park for exactly one year now. And as much fun as we’ve been having and as many new (& old) friends that have spent time with us, there is one major complaint that we consistently hear from our guests –

“I can’t get enough Milagro.”

We hear you and we get it. If we could, we would babysit your rugrats. We would excuse you from work. We would run your errands, do your taxes, and fold your laundry. It’s just how much we love you. But since we can’t (without freaking out our insurance agent and drastically changing our business model), let’s focus on what we CAN do. And what we CAN do is give you more Milagro for your money. Here’s how:

MILAGRO MONTHLY Invest in a package of services that you (or a family member) can redeem at any time. Buy FOUR of any service, save 10% Buy SIX of any service, save 15% Buy EIGHT of any service, save 20% Buy TEN of any service, save 25%

SPREAD MILAGRO Send us your friends (but only the fun ones) and we’ll give you $15 off your next visit. That’s like a FREE upgrade to a longer service. We ask every new Milagran how they heard about us, and if they tell us you’re the culprit…BAM, $15 reward for you. How easy is that?

MILAGRO IN THE MOMENT Have a flexible schedule? Like being spa-ntaneous? Sign up for our Milagro in the Moment emails and we’ll send you last minute openings that we offer at a discounted rate. You’ll be sitting at your desk on a boring Wednesday and “ding!”…what’s this? $20 off a massage at 4:15? Yes, please! It’s the rare kind of email you’ll actually enjoy opening. A little Milagro love in your inbox.

So if you’re suffering from a spa deficiency, we hope this will ease your symptoms. And we hope to see you more often.


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