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The Maker Counter. Sounds fun. What is it?

The Maker Counter at Milagro.

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen pictures. You’re intrigued. But you’re still not exactly sure what it is, or how it works. Let us explain.

The Maker Counter is, at its most basic level, our DIY skin care bar. If we’re open, the Maker Counter is open. Come on in, grab a seat and talk to us about your skin. And we’ll share all we know about skin care — both natural and not-so-natural. No appointment needed.

The first rule of The Maker Counter is this: there are no rules. There’s no right or wrong way to mix the ingredients. If we know anything about skin (and about people in general), it’s that preferences are SO personal and varied. How your products should smell and feel, and make your skin feel, is up to you.

We’re here to help. We’ll share some basic knowledge about how skin works and some basic descriptions of the ingredients we stock, so you’ll feel completely comfortable choosing and mixing.

The options at the Maker Counter are endless. Using our menu-style guidebook as a starting point, choose what you what you want your product to do (cleanse, scrub, tone, moisturize, treat, etc). Next, pick your base ingredient, then select some “add-ins” to customize further. So simple. So fun.

Some popular Maker Counter creations:

  1. cleansing oils for the face

  2. sugar scrubs for the face and body

  3. aromatherapy sprays to soothe the skin or calm the mind

  4. body butters with a custom blend of any of our 27 essential oils

  5. clay masks for the face

  6. salt and milk soaks for the bath

  7. bug repellant spray

  8. foot soaks for expectant moms

Custom made skin care? Sounds expensive, right? Nope. Depending on the ingredients and size that you choose, prices range from $3 (yup) to $30. We often send visitors home with an entirely new, custom, freshly-mixed, on-the-spot skin care regimen for under $30. Total. Not kidding.

Whether you consider yourself an experienced DIY-er or you’re just starting to learn, you’ll feel right at home at the Maker Counter. No pretention, no preaching, no attempt to “fix” you. Just some honest conversation and a whole lot of fun.

Ready to jump in? Let’s do this.

The Maker Counter at Milagro. Simple. Natural. Yours.


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