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Three reasons Milagro and the 2014 Royals are pretty much exactly the same

Thinks that’s a stretch? Here we go:

1. Our KC Royals are playing in the World Series tonight. Our name, Milagro, is translated as miracle in Spanish. For you non-Kansas Citians, let me explain. Until three weeks ago, the Royals had the longest postseason drought in all four major US sports: 29 years. During that stretch, we weren’t just missing the postseason; we were taking epic baseball sucking to new heights. We were (deservedly) the butt of every joke (see: Jimmy Fallon in 2005’s Fever Pitch). We were known for 19-game losing streaks and little league errors. And then somehow, three weeks ago, down 7-3 in the 8th inning of a win-or-go-home Wild Card game, the Royals came back and won 9-8 in the bottom of the 12th with a walk off single by Salvador Perez . . . who was 0 for 5 in the game until that point and who, as a right-handed batter, pulled a ball (that was low and away) hard down the left field line. If there is any way to describe that hit as anything other than a freaking Milagro, I don’t know what it is. Since then, the Royals have not lost a game and are now the first team in history to start the postseason 8-0.

2. The Royals do things differently. They play a different kind of baseball. They don’t win the way experts expect. They have a small payroll and no “big name” stars. They’re not trying to be what they’re not. We are a “Midwestern spa” and we do spa differently. What does that mean? We are not a European style spa or an Asian style spa. We don’t chase the trends that filter in from the coasts (“everything in KC is 2 years behind NY and LA!”) <gag>. And while Liz Lemon was right, and no part of America is more American than any other part, we are incredibly proud to be in and from KC and we’ve built our spa accordingly. It’s warm and unpretentious. It’s casual and homey. Our focus is physical, mental and spiritual health. The traditional (of late) spa model of selling a younger and more attractive you along with outrageously expensive skin care just doesn’t work for us. It’s not who we are.

3. Billy Butler (our stocky designated hitter nicknamed Country Breakfast) and Jarrod Dyson (our pocket-sized, lightning fast pinch runner) are obviously very different, but they each play a vital role on the team. One of them would not be as valuable without the other. Billy cranks out the hits, while Dyson steals bases and scores. It takes unselfishness to win this way. We at Milagro call ourselves a Collective. We are a group of very different people with very different gifts, sharing with each other and with our guests. We like each other, have fun together, and feel incredibly lucky to do what we do everyday. Every one of us is better because of each other.

This obviously makes me Ned Yost. My team makes me look good everyday. It is usually quite apparent that I have no idea what I’m doing. But when you have a team as talented as mine, even a bumbling leader can’t hold them back.

Right, Ned? Right, KC? #takethecrown


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