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To hell in a handbasket.

It’s quite apparent we’re all effed. Spend 5 minutes on the internet and it’s obvious every single thing you come in contact with on a daily basis is giving you cancer, or leaky gut, or autism, or an immune disorder of some sort. Amirite? We should all just lock ourselves in the bathroom and get in the tub with a mattress as cover. You can thank my Kansas upbringing for that survival tip.

But wait! All you need is this superfood or this juice recipe or some coconut oil or this super rare previously undiscovered extract from New Guinea and YOU WILL BE HEALED AND YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER.

What is with this, you guys? Is it human nature to make everything black or white, good or evil? Is it an out of control media obsessed with sensationalizing everything? Is it social media? They say in this age of marketing, “everyone’s an expert”, but here’s the thing: No. No, they’re not.

I read an article online recently (written by a successful “natural beauty” web store owner) hinting Cetaphil will give you cancer. A commenter asked for some citation for the claim a certain ingredient was “known to be cancer causing” and, I’m not kidding, the website’s answer was “the phrase ‘known to be cancer causing’ is the opinion of the author”. What?

There’s got be a voice of reason in here somewhere. Because most of us don’t live our lives in these black and white extremes. We live in 2015 in a first world country and we like the comforts and convenience that brings. We appreciate and value the earth and do our best to be mindful of how we treat it. We don’t love to medicate but we’re happy to have access to drugs that can save our lives. We love fruits and vegetables and hope & pray our kids eventually will, too. We eat hot dogs at the ball game and concretes from Foo’s because it’s summer and life is short. And finally, we have brains with which to think, to assess claims, and to understand when we’re being sold to and when we’re actually learning from an expert. There is a difference, and we know it.

At Milagro, we understand that when you come to us to step out of life for a moment, you are placing a massive amount of trust in our hands. We take that very, very seriously. To enter a space that’s not your house, leave all of your belongings, undress and enter a room with someone you barely know is risky. We’re honored. And hell bent on not participating in sales tactics that betray your trust.

So while we’ve decided to stay out of the “beauty” and “natural wellness” discussion, we’re happy to expose BS when we find it. We kind of consider ourselves experts.


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