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we are believers

Our name, milagro, is the Spanish word for miracle. We chose that name carefully, not only because it’s such a beautiful word, but because we believe. We believe miracles happen everyday, most often in the form of one human being showing compassion & giving selflessly to another. Our milagro of the month program is our way of showing appreciation for these individuals – the daily miracle workers in our city. Each month, we’ll partner with a different group and support their mission with a portion of our sales, in addition to volunteering time, hosting their staff & volunteers for much-deserved spa services, or assisting with events. We are SO excited.

For the month of October, we’ve reached out to Chain of Hope as our milagro of the month. Founder Kate Quigley and her team do some of the most amazing animal outreach we we‘ve ever seen: canvassing the streets of the urban core six days a week, in every kind of weather, to find and care for abused and neglected animals. From rescuing strays or junk yard dogs to providing shelter and tie out cables for dogs living on heavy tow chains to reporting animal neglect & abuse with the goal of getting those animals signed over to Chain of Hope, they truly do it all. COH also assists needy families with caring for their pets: food, supplies, medical care, spay & neuter services, and education on how to be a responsible pet owner. This is intense, emotional, and brave work…not for the faint of heart. But this group is changing (and many times saving) the lives of animals who are otherwise overlooked and forgotten. And we’re so grateful for their work.

Stay tuned for more about how we’ll be involved with COH this month (including a superfun bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s on October 19). And when you schedule your visit to recharge at milagro or you come in for a gift for a friend, feel good knowing that you’re keeping these miracle workers out there, to do their daily miracle working. How’s that for feel good, do good?


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