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We’re declaring Ladies Weekend at Milagro

I’m 37.5 years old and I don’t have kids.

What does that mean? Not sure, other than I get to enjoy the awkwardness when people ask “do you have kids?” and I say no and they don’t know what to do or say next. Fun times. (Here’s a tip – that’s not a great question for anyone. For a lot of different reasons.)

Mother’s Day is a weird thing. Rather, motherhood today has become a weird thing. Not really motherhood itself, but the discussion and sensitivity around it. Who knew we were capable of taking something as elementary as motherhood and making it controversial? (Case in point: it took me 10 minutes to choose the word “elementary” there, as I was worried about it sounding offensive).

I’ve been thinking for weeks on how to write about Mother’s Day. So many encounters in the last month, often right here at Milagro, with women who are struggling with “mom” – the stress of being one, the heartbreak of wanting to be one, the hurt of losing one. We want you to know we hear you. We see you. We’re with you.

Mother/daughter perfection. Sandra Bullock & Gena Rowlands in Hope Floats.

So what to do with this holiday with which so many have a tenuous relationship?

We’ve decided to use it as another chance to do what we live to do: remind you we’re in your corner. We’re for you. We’re fans of you. And we think you deserve Milagro time.

Mom? Not a mom? Dog mom? Cat mom? Don’t have a mom? Love your mom? Can’t stand your mom? Great. We still want you to come to Milagro. On Mother’s Day. On any day. Everyday. Our favorite thing to celebrate? You. Being you. With us. Life is hard, mom or not.

Don’t think for one second that we don’t love moms. We just think there’s more we can celebrate. So while we celebrate moms, let’s also celebrate women and friendship – the girlfriend you call when you need advice or have amazing news. The sister you call when life sucks. The aunt you call when you need an unbiased opinion. Let’s celebrate all of that. Female relationships. Our diverse personalities. The privilege to set our own priorities and make our own choices. And ultimately and most importantly, the awesomeness that comes when we accept each other, encourage each other, & support each other.

Female friendship perfection. Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise.

We’re declaring this weekend Ladies Weekend at Milagro. We’re doing what we can to bring women together. No competition, no comparisons, no judgment, no unsolicited advice. Just the fun that goes with spending time with women you trust and love. Call your favorite females and book your bonding time at Milagro  – we’ll be open regular hours 9-6 on Saturday, May 9th & special hours of noon-6pm on Sunday, May 10th. Limited spots remain, so be sure to call soon.

Between the mommy wars, the kids-vs-no-kids discussion, the you-have-too-many-kids judgment, the you’re-doing-it-wrong “advice”, we want to the be the place women come to JUST BE. And you know what’s even better than being? Being together. Call some friends, and we’ll see you this weekend.


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