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Why we can no longer use the f-word.

We like to say we care for your skin and the soul within. Because we understand there's an actual human person under that epidermis. And many of the steps of a traditional facial (the slathering and removing of product after product, the poking and prodding and "correcting") are not good for your skin. And many of the ideas behind a traditional facial (that you are "blemished" or "flawed" and that aging is a real shame) are not good for your soul. So we no longer use the "f" word here at Milagro. 

Instead, we created our Signature Spa Services from scratch, with you (skin AND soul) in mind. If you've loved facials because there's nothing better than having having your scalp, shoulders, neck, and face nurtured and cared for and massaged, you're gonna love our Healing Ritual. And if you've hated facials (or been scared to try) because the thought of having someone remove your defenses (aka makeup) and proceed to detail everything wrong with how your skin operates, you're also gonna love our Healing Ritual

Want to extend the spa love for a full body treat? Try our Renewing Ritual or our Nourishing Ritual, which care for you, skin and soul, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Insider tip - all of our rituals are the perfect prelude to a massage. Book one in conjunction with your next massage and you'll get all of the benefits of a week-long vacation without leaving town and maxing your credit card. 

The best (intended) consequence of our Signature Spa Services? A calmer, quieter interior landscape from which happy skin takes root and grows. Turns out skin attached to highly stressed humans tends to act highly stressed.

Good thing we're experts at inducing your deepest state of chill. Your skin will thank us for it.


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