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Why we don’t need more beauty advice

We asked for this, I know. But I’m not sure we ever expected it to materialize exactly like this. When we said we wanted to be a place of healing for the mind and spirit, we invited this.

Twice this month, I’ve been brought to tears over the stories of the people who have visited.

The sweet young mom who came in before her trip to Mayo for surgery to remove her brain tumor. The breast cancer fighter in the middle of treatment who lies on the same radiation table on which I lied six years ago. Heavy, heavy stuff.

And when I’m chatting with a guest at the Maker Counter about her distaste for the cosmetics counter and she asks what would make me want to take the risk and open a spa with such a different approach, it’s so easy to answer.

photo by Dharma Comics

The world doesn’t need more beauty advice, it needs more connection. It doesn’t need more comparison, it needs more compassion. It doesn’t need more competition, it needs more empathy.

Because here’s the thing. I don’t want to talk with you about your crow’s feet. I want to talk with you about your heart. I want to know what makes you, YOU. And it’s not your skin or your makeup or your hair or your shoes.

I want to know your story. Where you’ve been. What you’ve learned. Whom you love. What you’re working on. Where you want to go. Because these are the things that connect us to each other. And human connection cures nearly every ill.

Want peace? Find connection. Want love? Find connection. Want equality? Find connection. Want purpose and joy? Find connection.

Find it at Milagro.


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