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Wisdom from the War Rig

Last week I celebrated five years with the War Rig. I have a thing for Jeep Cherokees (this is my fourth). She’s wearing about 205,000 miles and I think they look good on her. Here she is with her namesake. Can you see the resemblance?

A few months ago, a rather important mechanism in the War Rig quit: the part that automatically clicks my turn signal off after I turn. (Smitty’s in my head right now saying, “you don’t use a turn signal”)

Since then, I’ve had to be very aware while driving. I’ve had to turn down the radio and pay much closer attention. No one wants to be the crazy person cruising around oblivious their blinker is on.

I was reintroduced recently to an old word that struck a new chord with me. I encountered it like this:

“Love is focused attention.  Attentiveness is a gift and a discipline.” (David Mays)

Attention. Attentiveness. Oh, how I love thee.

This feels so much better than mindfulness. I’m fairly certain I don’t need to spend more time in my own head. I’m equally certain I could benefit from “assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others”.

That’s the kind of person I want to be. It’s the kind of love I want to show.

And it demands I slow down. That I turn down the volume. That I consciously consider the people around me instead of barreling through life at 55mph with the radio (my self involved thoughts) blaring.

Oblivious cruising is SO MUCH EASIER. And honestly (unfortunately) way more second nature. But wisdom like this from the War Rig is out there, waiting to be learned. If only I’m paying attention.


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